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Our goal is not just to implement AI or create applications but to create the best relationship possible with our clients. Our team works with persistence and consistence to deliver and meet your expectations, by working in a synchronised manner. From a young age I wondered how I could change the world for the better.

Now, as a team, we use cutting edge technology to help our clients achieve their personal and business dreams, to help them change the world for the better, in their own special way.

I can code in Python, Java, C, R


Nicholas Koundouros

I am studying Artificial Intelligence at the University of Groningen. As an addition to my current programme I am taking part in the University's Honours Programme. I specialize in the frontend and backend development of native mobile applications as well as the use of machine learning algorithms in this field.

My current programming languages include: C, C++, Python, Java, Lua, C#, Javascript, Kotlin, Dart, R

CTO, Fullstack development

Konstantin Rolf

Currently studying the Master Artificial Intelligence in Groningen. I am a highly ambitious student interested in the many different disciplines that are relevant for the area of Machine Learning. Some of my interests include Reinforcement Learning, predicting Chaotic Time Series and preference systems. Finding practical applications for Machine Learning that have a societal or social impactful on society piques my curiosity. Apart from my interest in research, I have an extensive background in teaching as a teaching assistant or tutor in many different courses. These include programming courses, but also other courses which are relevant within the domain of Computing Science or Artificial Intelligence.

My preferred languages include: C++, C, Python, Java, SQL (PostgreSQL, mySQL), NoSQL (Cassandra, MongoDB, Redis, etc), R.
Preferred Packages include: Scikit Learn, Torch, TensorFlow, Keras, SPMF

Artificial Intelligence & Reinforcement Learning

Henry Maathius

I started studying  Automation Engineering at the Sapienza University of Rome in 2014  and I got the BSc degree in 2017. For my thesis I worked on the European TRADR project in which we developed a multi robot system for survival situations. The project won the European award for innovation in its field. Currently I am a master student in AI and Robotics concluding my last  year in RUG, Groningen, Netherlands.
​My fields of interest are multi agent systems and reinforcement learning on which I am developing my master thesis.

My main programming language is Python on which I spent more than 6 years, but I know other languages such as: Bash, Matlab, C++, Scala, Java and C.

Artifical Intelligence & Automation Engineering

Nicolo Brandizzi

I am an Artificial Intelligence student interested in Computer Vision and its applications in a variety of fields, such as autonomous driving and neuroscience. I strive to emphasize good practices in terms of developing solutions from goodclient communication, code patterns, and clean documentation to code safety in terms of how cognitively friendly it is for people to use in order to minimize human error.
My current languages include: Python, JavaScript, Java, Go, C, Assembly, C++, C#, Kotlin, Rust, Matlab, R

Artifical Intelligence & Computer Vision

Mihai Popescu

I study Bsc Artificial Intelligence at the University of Groningen with additional Honours College programme in philosophy. I want to pursue a career in data science and AI and apply those tools to make some contributions to  fields which I find interesting and beneficial for the world. I'm currently interested in potential uses of AI in energetics and in tech heavy agriculture (vertical agriculture etc).
My programming languages include: Python, C, R, Java

Artifical Intelligence & Data Analysis

Kacper Biewicz

I am a second year student in University of Groningen studying Computing Science. I want to be a software developer in the future that's why I'm inspired to participate in projects. In addition, I already had experience in IT department of Azeri oil trading company situated in Switzerland called Socar Trading, and had experience with Software developers of audit company Deloitte. Currently I am also an outsource developer of Socar Trading, which helps me to get experience in software development.
My current programming languages are: C, C#, C++, Java, Python, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Haskell, R And hopefully going to learn more

Backend Development

Gasan Rzayev


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